Reduce time and improve quality of your R&D in digital and precision health

Our Team

We are specialists in AI/ML for digital health and precision medicine. We understand the problems faced by solution developers. We know the needs of multiple stakeholders at all stages, from development to adoption and uptake.

Using our MedAITM service, we help solution providers to streamline research and development by combining learning from data with learning from worldwide evidence in medicine and health.

  • AI and machine learning for digital and precision medicine

    including PhDs in AI/ML for -omics and public health from top UK universities.

  • Software developers and engineers

    scientific programmers, AI backend developers, full-stack developers.

  • External network of healthcare specialists and community caretakers

    primary care physicians, medical consultants, patient support charities.

  • External network of trusted contractors and specialists

    clinical researchers, health economists, regulatory specialists.

  • Scientific advisors: key opinion leaders

    editors of clinical journals, directors of clinical guidelines, professors of medicine, professors of AI and machine learning from some of the world-leading universities.

Why come to us?

We know how to solve problems faced by AI developers in health through years of first-hand experience. We seamlessly integrate millions of person-years of relevant medical knowledge into innovative products and services.

We help to: