Knowledge and data-based AI for digital and precision health


We help healthcare providers to achieve better outcomes at lower costs by speeding up development and deployment of predictive and preventive interventions based on worldwide evidence. Using our MedAITM pipeline, we extract relevant information, such as risk calculators and predictive models, from scientific medical publications and clinical trials. This enables evaluation and refinement of predictions and interventions in specific environments, and facilitates the use of AI in biomedical and behavioral research by combining learning from data and constantly evolving medical evidence.

We improve prediction, prevention, and monitoring of long-term conditions and health outcomes using evolving biomedical evidence. We speed up research in evidence-based medicine. We facilitate developments of new interventions for targeted conditions and populations using machine learning.


We help solution providers to streamline their research and development in AI-powered digital and precision health. Using our MedAITM pipeline for automated retrieval and refinement of biomedical knowledge, we enrich learning from data by informative priors and knowledge-based transfer learning. This reduces the amount of data needed for bringing products to market and improves quality, inclusivity, and interpretability of predictions. Moreover, MedAITM improves generalization and robustness even when accessible training datasets are small, noisy, or only partially representative of the changing populations.

We improve telemonitoring services by reducing false alerts for timely detection, prediction, and prevention of adverse events. We enrich digital health solutions by including AI for health risk predictions and personalized recommendations. We enrich biomarker services, from automating data acquisition to improving diagnostics for research and clinical use.


We help developers of predictive solutions for digital and precision health to reduce time to market and achieve superior quality and value. Using our MedAITM pipeline, we rapidly integrate evidence-based predictive models within mobile or web apps, software services, or internal development pipelines. We develop and support AI-ready backends for seamless inference and learning from data and biomedical evidence, and enable API access to pretrained predictive models.

We integrate predictive models and algorithms within existing software. We develop and support AI backends for seamless predictions and learning from growing datasets and evolving biomedical evidence. We provide API access to predictive models and algorithms for data- and evidence-based predictions.